Maddox's Moose

Maddox's Moose
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  Fantasy Adventure. Child Literacy. Life Skills. Peak inside the world of Maddox's Moose under Enlarge. This is the first in the Maddox's Moose series of children's fantasy adventures. The one page "Morals of Maddox's Moose" is placed at the end of the book and relates back to what life skills were taught through the characters. It is an excellent conversation platform between the child and the adult. In a forest too big for him, a tiny moose with the gift of speech is found by Maddox’s grandmother. She names the moose Jake. Together, Maddox and Jake wander into a fantasy world of adventure and learn that these “ Moosey Adventures” are the heart and soul of life. While the child will be thrilled with the antics of the talking non-human characters, the adult will see the deeper meaning and point out to the child the "Morals of Maddox's Moose" that lie beneath the surface of this children's tale. Parallels from classic literature pepper this delightful series of stories. AGES: Children from 4 to 8 years delight in Maddox and Jake's adventures into The Under The Cover World. Softback, 8"x10", 27 pages. Find the stuffed Jake toy moose and the Maddox's Moose mug under More Great Stuff!

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