Leonardo the Narwhal - Kids Write for Kids

Leonardo the Narwhal - Kids Write for Kids
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 When "kids write for kids", the creativity of one child sparks a flame in the minds of others. Leonardo the Narwhal is the story of a Narwhal whale and two other sea creatures who share a journey. Written and illustrated by an 8 year old, this story reminds us that in children lies our best hope. If a Narwhal whale (said to be the origin of the Unicorn myth), a seahorse, and a dolphin can become fast friends in the diversity of the sea, perhaps there is hope for mankind. "You can always find friends wherever you go", is something that even an 8 year old has figured out. AGES: Children from 3 to 8 are inspired to find their own creativity. 28 pages. Find the Leonardo the Narwhal mug under More Great Stuff - Mugs!

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