The Story of Pawn, Book One: The Pieces

The Story of Pawn, Book One: The Pieces
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Kid Chess. Child literacy. "The Story of Pawn" book series is an epic fantasy adventure that teaches as it entertains. The goals of the books are to enhance child literacy, create an affinity for the chess pieces, and understand the fundamentals of the game of chess. They also open the door to critical thinking and other life skills. The one page "Principles of Pawn" is supplied with the book and relates back to what life skills were taught through the characters.

Meet the hero Pawn in the first book of "The Story of Pawn, The Pieces". Pawn, born in the Kingdom of Chess, learns the Warriors from the Kingdom of Zhaand (the opposing team) will invade his chess village. Pawn and his pawn brothers and sisters meet the Rooks, Knights, Bishops, and a "little Magician with a big magic hat" during their quest to find the Chess King and Chess Queen.

Children identify with the hero Pawn as he challenges a powerful enemy force. The message of "The Story of Pawn" is to Think Mighty! AGES: 4 to 8 but adults love the book too! Hardback, 8.5" x 11", 80 pages, fully illustrated. Check out related products, Pawn T-Shirts, Pawn hat, Posters, and Mugs under More Great Stuff.

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