Can Anybody Hear Me? The Silent Shout...

Can Anybody Hear Me? The Silent Shout...
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"Can Anybody Hear Me?" is one of those iconic books that shares one thing in common with any person who travels through life searching for its meaning, its purpose, and its values: the language of life resonates deeply within you. As the editor has commented, "In this collection of what can only be described as a mix of words, thoughts, and emotions, [the author] takes the reader for a quirky ride through love, struggles, ghosts, and little moments, as only she can do." Like the rhythm of a song you cannot forget, the reader is destined to replay some part of Jamieson's world long after the book is closed.

Different from other books of poetry, this book encourages the reader to make their own "Soul Notes" at the end of each section so that the reader can connect in real time with the author's thoughts and feelings and share their own. A book to grow with as later in life the reader can reflect in times to come where their thoughts were at a different place in life. 103 pages. AGES: Teen to young adult. Open the book pages under Enlarge and take the ride!

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