Book and Toy Set- Maddox's Moose Books & Jake Stuffed Toy

Book and Toy Set- Maddox's Moose Books & Jake Stuffed Toy
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Fantasy Adventure. Child Literacy. Life Skills. Children can enter the enchanting fantasy world of the Maddox's Moose stories while holding their very own Jake stuffed toy as they hear or read the adventures of "Maddox's Moose" and "Maddox's Moose: Whose Jordie?". The one page "Morals of Maddox's Moose" is placed at the end of each book and relates back to what life skills were taught through the characters. Does your child love fantasy? Fantasy is a way for a child to learn important lessons about themselves and about the world. Your child can hold Jake the Moose stuffed toy as Maddox's adventures unfold. Jake embodies the spirit of adventure that hopefully your child will take with him or her through life. AGES: 4 to 8, Softback, 8"x10".

The Jake stuffed toy with his wooden name tag almost literally jumps out of the pages of the book, Maddox's Moose. He is so soft he must be hugged. Maddox and Jake's adventures reach a new level of fun when Jake is there in your child's arms.

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